"Yeperenye and Dog Dreaming" and the Yeperenye Sculpture

  A version of Matthew Furber's "Yeperenye and Dog Dreaming at Mpartwe" in the Yeperenye Sculpture at the Alice Springs Cultural Precinct   Matthew Furber's explanation of his art
  the Grand Circle Yeperenye sculpture   the information board about the sculpture

there's lots more similar circles inside the sculpture - and the originals, I think, are in the nearby Araluen Centre gallery.

Words like "art", "sculpture", "original", "explanation", "reproduction" and more are, of course, problematic in varying their European meanings. Books like Fred Myers' Painting Culture (Duke University Press, 2002) and Christine Watson's Piercing the Ground (Fremantle Arts Centre Press, 2003) offer richer engagements and begin to reform the language. The DVD Mr Patterns (Film Australia, 2004) about the interaction between Geoff Bradon and the Papunya artists is also revelatory.